Our Vision for Better Learning

Learning could be so much more engaging, fun, and relevant. We have a vision for it looking somewhat like this video.

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Use Your Own Words To Empower Yourself

Yesterday I posted a hesitant, anxious blog, representing my own struggle on this journey.

Today I read a challenge to “take captive every thought and every word” and make it bow to belief.

Therefore I will start with this simple first step…  eliminate these words from my vocabulary:

  1. I can’t
  2. If
  3. Doubt
  4. Try
  5. I don’t think
  6. I don’t have the time
  7. Maybe
  8. I’m afraid of
  9. I don’t believe
  10. It’s impossible.

Omitting these words is not enough. A sports team needs more than just a good defense to win; it also needs a powerful offense. So, mobilize your own offensive assault with the words you choose.

Second, I will build positive mental connections and commitment by using these power builders:

  1. I can
  2. I will
  3. Expect the best
  4. Commit
  5. I know
  6. I will make the time
  7. Positively
  8. I am confident
  9. I do believe
  10. All things are possible.

I posted these words around my house to remind me of this belief.

The power of one’s actions is preceded by the power of one’s words. Speak with power to bring out the best.

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Launching a Fundraising Campaign

It’s here. It’s time to put the 4 years of development, writing, reviewing, and sharing on the table for others to begin to step up and say I want to help you out. I can’t do any more without money and so here I post, ask, pray, share, beg, and trust.

It’s difficult for me to be at this point. I’m anxious to get started. I believe in this project and what the product will do for learning. I KNOW this will change the educational system. I suspect I will be in for a big fight as the larger publishing companies will be threatened by a product like this.  I’m OK with the journey, but this leg of the road trip is yucky.

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As of today, the business plan, one-sheet, and

As of today, the business plan, one-sheet, and project framework are as done as they can be until partnerships emerge that influence some specifics.  I have just entered the search for financing.

Each step has been a steep learning curve filled with intrepidation as I learn to take each step, why would this one be any different.  If left to my own mental devices, I sigh and wonder if this is the end of the journey.  I get caught up in the media and political hype around those with money and the power I am going to have to wrestle with to move my vision forward.  In Hollywood, many resolve themselves to comprises they later regret in their attempt to “get their chance.” This mountain seems to high and potentially too high a price to pay to “get my chance” with this project.

And then God so sweetly whispers this in my ear. “Do not be anxious… I look out for the birds… you mean so much more to me… be courageous and stay the course…”


In church the other Sunday, I heard something that jumped off the stage and right into my heart.  It made me think differently about my financing pursuit and has helped me stay calm during this _____

The church is frequently described as “The Body of Christ,” an interesting metaphor if you truly understand the physical body.


At any given time hundreds of organs, thousands of inches of veins, and  trillions of cells are working to make sure the body functions.  Each has it’s own job and if stops doing that job, the body struggles.  We may see the heart or brain as most valuable; but the truth is, living without skin is VERY difficult.

Since each body part has a significant role to play, I must re-evaluate how I see the financier as a part of our body.  They have a significant role to keep the body working, but just as important is the ICT partner and character designer.  The hand does not see the eye as

If I think about my organization, then I must consider how to keep


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Map of the world

Travel Zoo – Map of the World App

This is a great map of the world app that gives children (and adults) the chance to learn quite a bit about the geography of the world. I myself learned about the different seas and oceans, many of which I didn’t know. And although I’ve had many conversations about Europe and WWII, there were many countries I didn’t even know existed. And don’t get me started on how little I knew about the countries in Africa.

The shape of the countries helps the player drag them to the right places even if you don’t know where countries are, giving the player a chance and reducing frustration in the game.  It does time you, so you can take it repeatedly to see if you can beat your time.

This app does NOT give any details about the countries, but is both a great way to learn where countries are and a great conversation starter.

It’s FREE. Check it out.

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Learning Vs. Memorizing

I recently had an interesting discussion with my sister and nephew about memorizing versus learning. He was supposed to “learn” the states and their capitals. He did. A week later at a family event he couldn’t tell you 1/2 of them. When asked, he said, “I memorized them for the test. But I see no reason to know it this week. So I forgot it.” 

The candor of this 10 year old reveals quite a bit about this generation’s perspective of learning vs. memorizing.  They can “find” information in 30 seconds or less through Google so why should they use up brain space to memorize it. This is the mentality of the “Information Age.” Information is so easily accessed why memorize it?

My sister asked how he could learn something and then unlearn it so fast. I pose this…

HE NEVER LEARNED THEM. He memorized it in his short term memory for a test and then let it go. A frequent demand and liability of the current educational system.

This generation is demanding we re-think what they should LEARN. Should it be a lot of facts? Should it be ideas that one can find through Google in minutes? Or should it be skills and tools that will help them learn, help them research, help them function? Should it instead be how to use and apply concepts and facts? 

I keep reminding myself that 65% of the jobs our children will do in 2025+ haven’t been invented yet. How can I teach them the same things I learned and think they will be competitive?

The big question has to be asked… What is the purpose of education in the 21st century?

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Potential for Educational Games

Although Pearson would be our competitor, the Chief Digital Officer has given an interesting talk where he discusses both the reality of education today and where the Ed Tech can go.


Two of the most powerful stats he shared –

1) The Ed Tech industry is a 4 Trillion Dollar Industry – more than advertising and mobile tech.

2) 65% of children today will work in jobs that haven’t been invented yet.

These support the vision and goals of Trailhead!!!


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