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Unexamined Assumptions 

In Broad’s book, “The Art of Being Unreasonable,” he postulates that the best opportunity for innovation is in the areas of an industry where assumptions are clung to and unexamined. He broke through in the both the housing industry and … Continue reading

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Distance Learning / E-Learning and Trailhead

When I was in college in the early 90’s I took a “Correspondence Course,” in order to complete my whole program in 4 years. It was my first exposure to Distance Learning, although at the time I didn’t even realize … Continue reading

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Trailhead Paints It’s face into the Distance Learning / E-Learning Portrait: Presenting at our First Conference

It has been almost 10 days since Karen and I presented at the IFWE (International Forum for Women of E-Learning) conference. It was a blast. Not only did we share our Trailhead model for *E-Learning through the game, but we … Continue reading

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Accepted as Conference Presenter

In June, I submitted a proposal to present about the SRPG, Strategic Role-Playing Game, it’s role in learning, and how to build one on a boxed-wine budget. Karen will be joining as we present in San Antonio, Texas in December. … Continue reading

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Good Article about Meta-level thinking

Unfortunately, we spend more time on what is learned and less on how. This article introduces this learning idea nicely.

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Our Vision for Better Learning

Learning could be so much more engaging, fun, and relevant. We have a vision for it looking somewhat like this video. 🙂

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Use Your Own Words To Empower Yourself

Yesterday I posted a hesitant, anxious blog, representing my own struggle on this journey. Today I read a challenge to “take captive every thought and every word” and make it bow to belief. Therefore I will start with this simple … Continue reading

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