Unexamined Assumptions 

In Broad’s book, “The Art of Being Unreasonable,” he postulates that the best opportunity for innovation is in the areas of an industry where assumptions are clung to and unexamined. He broke through in the both the housing industry and the life insurance industries building on this premise. I find that I’m doing the same.

I have felt for years that there are assumptions about and in the education industry that I whole-hearted DON’T believe must be the status quo. Therefore I will examine those and consider how my ideas about learning can change the industry.

Here are some of the assumptions I believe we have clung to for too long. If you have more I would love to hear them.

  1. Age determines the best place for a learner to start school, the level he/she should enter and progress, and what he/she should learn.
  2. Mechanical writing and reading should come before exploring ideas and asking questions.
  3. One year is enough for every person to learn the expected “knowledge and skills.”
  4. Individuals are EITHER Math/Science or Language/Artist – not both.
  5. Knowledge/Information is still the foundation and purpose of education.
  6. Socially, you need kids the same AGE in the same grade/class.
  7. Creativity is art and storytelling.
  8. Experts (teachers) should make the learning choices not the learner.
  9. Graduation = Employment.
  10. It’s necessary to take 4 years to earn a HS diploma and a college degree.
  11. Direct Instruction is the best pedagogical tool for learning.

Would you add any more? Do you feel there was a premise/assumption about education that worked against you as you went through school?

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