Trailhead Paints It’s face into the Distance Learning / E-Learning Portrait: Presenting at our First Conference


It has been almost 10 days since Karen and I presented at the IFWE (International Forum for Women of E-Learning) conference. It was a blast. Not only did we share our Trailhead model for *E-Learning through the game, but we met many other educators who joined our enthusiastic mission.

Our workshop shared the LRPG (Learning Role-Playing Game) as an excellent medium for better learning and we walked 10 women through our development process in attempt to help them develop a portion of an LRPG for their learners. It stretched us to to think of LRPGs for groups like
Social workers who need to learn how to engage in conversation with individuals on the worst day of their lives.
Learners in a Public Relations program who need to learn to how to handle a myriad of public responses and situations.
Law Enforcement workers who need to learn how to diffuse difficult situations i.e. worried neighbors, possible witnesses, emotional family members etc. at the scene of a crime or in the interrogation room etc.
Group of faculty who need to learn a)to value and b) to execute different teaching methodologies.
High school learners who need to learn how to design a game for some specific purpose.

This opened my eyes to the VAST number of games that could be built for learning. I saw huge potential to partner with organizations, individuals, and educators to design LRPGS for their learning needs.

It was also an amazing opportunity to connect with women who want to better learning experiences for our 21st century learners, no matter the age or stage of learning.
I felt empowered and ready to come back and tackle our first project.

* Distance Learning = E-Learning (a current term for the same idea – learning outside of a face-to-face setting)

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