On-The-Job Technology Learning

On-The-Job Technology Learning

Recently Jon, my husband, was asked to use some technology for his job. Unfortunately, this technology was nothing he had used before nor was anything he had experienced in his business degree program.  Thus he had to learn how to use it and quickly.

IMPLICATION #1 – In the current workplace, individuals are asked frequently to use technology (hardware or software) that they’ve never used before. This kind of expectation is only increasing over time.  Our children will be expected to come to the table with not only a working knowledge of a wide range of hardware and software but also the ability to learn how to use new technology, quickly.  

IMPLICATION #2 – It would behoove us to not only include more technology learning in our K-12 educational model, but to also address HOW one learns, so they will be outfitted with the tools to learn new tech on the job.

It was also interesting to discuss with Jon how he went about learning how to use the new technology.  
1st – he considered what SIMILAR hardware/ software he had used before
2nd – he considered the PURPOSE of the hardware/ software he had been asked to use
3rd – he EXPLORED the hardware/ software by taking some TIME to play with it
Combining similarity, purpose, time, and exploration he was able to figure out how to use it.  We discussed the option of youtube tutorials, but he didn’t think to use tutorials this time around.

IMPLICATION #3 – The process of learning is UNIQUE for every person. Simply because every person’s “Similar” tech experiences, “Time” necessary to explore, and “Exploration” process are all very different.  We must allow our children the chance to explore their own learning process, reflect on it, revise it, and better understand how they can tackle the on-the-job demands of learning hardware/software quickly.

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