I just watched a fantastic TED talk about the power of vulnerability.

As she spoke I saw a similar journey to mine through my 30’s.  The struggle to say “I am enough,” and “This is who I am. Sit with it or walk.” To come to a place where I know who I am and I can let others see that woman, accepting that they may not want to know her, was a journey worth taking.

I may feel all of the grief of rejection, the loss of control, and the shame of my mistakes, but I also get to feel the joy of a moment, the gratitude for every lesson, and the deep love of connection.

I also realize that it’s in the sharing of mistakes that people connect. It makes me wonder about the power of sharing mistakes in the classroom for the benefit of learning.  I have never been more convinced that our children will grow so much more with a safe-enough environment to make mistakes and share them.  Breakdowns lead to awakenings. Mistakes lead to discoveries. Failure leads to success. All of these demand vulnerability.  It’s about time we offer some psychological safety to embrace these and grow.

I commit to being this type of leader and Trailhead to this kind of work environment.  In the big picture this may be a difficult cultural shift, it is a necessary one for creativity and connection.  I can not promise easy or hard; I can only promise beautiful.

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