The Power of Learning Organizations

I recently watched this video about learning organizations and felt encouraged, sad, and empowered all at the same time.

I felt encouraged because this is the model I’m organizing Trailhead Enterprises around. An organization designed to create in a psychologically safe place where sharing ideas, learning from mistakes, and using reflection to improve is everyday practice.  It’s how organizations of tomorrow will have to work to be competitive. 

I felt sad because in the video they don’t ever mention schools with this kind of learning environment.  My experience in most schools is that it is more about competition, being right, and memorizing than this kind of safe place to risk deep learning.  And yet if this is the experience of individuals from 5-18, then it’s no wonder organizations struggle to practice working in kind of environment with these individuals from 19-40.

Then I felt empowered. This feeling is the strongest because this is the kind of learning paradigm that Trailhead is all about. We are shifting the learning environment of schools and learning tools for ages 5-18 to support learning as it is described in this video. 

Give it a watch. It will inspire you!


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