Why do I write?

I’ve been reading Flannery O’Connor, an impressive female writer from the 50’s whose wisdom transcends time. Here is a quote that moved me today, “I write, because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”

I have spent the last 3 years sitting diligently at Starbucks, writing.  I’ve written story ideas, business plans, property plans, project frameworks, character descriptions, letters of inquiry, and more.  Some days, I delete everything I wrote in that 3-5 hours. Some days I save some of it. But on a few occasions, I smile. I read what I wrote and I understand what she means.

In a powerful way, writing is a meaning-making exercise.

I challenge you to try it. What do you THINK about learning? Write it and you’ll really see what you think. What do you THINK about grace? Write it and the deep meaning of it will emerge to you.  What do you THINK about entitlement thinking? Poverty? Marriage? Values? Generosity? Justice? Revenge? Health? etc.

I truly believe this is why blogging has become so very powerful in our culture.  The act of writing has opened us up to better understand what we believe, value, and need.  It has helped us to better know ourselves, our motives, our humanity.

It is also a necessary part of learning. To write is to learn about what you think and what you think you understand. It is a learning experience in and of itself.

It is empowering.

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One Response to Why do I write?

  1. YES. This is exactly it. Oh, and also. If I do not write, I will explode.

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