A Delicious Hobby!!

My favorite hobby these days is delicious foods.  I watch the Food Network on cable when I’m not working on my project. Sometimes I just go to foodnetwork.com. There I can find recipes from my favoriate chefs.  Of course this hobbie hasn’t helped my weight, but sometimes the quality of life is just more important than those last 8-10 pounds.

Either way, I love to cook new recipes for my new and wonderful husband and other family members and friends when they come over. It makes for great discussion while cooking and wonderful moments when the savory foods meet our palates.

My newest discovery is roasted salsa.  Recipe follows.


1 – Take a bunch of tomatoes, a few pieces of garlic, some peppers (to the heat you can handle – jalepenos, serranos, habeneros etc.)

2 – Cover in olive oil, salt and pepper

3 – Roast in oven at 425 for 20-30 minutes

4 – Remove and put into blender – blend to the consistency of your liking

5 – Add some lime/lemon, a teaspoon of sugar, and some olive oil

6 – Mix and serve with chips.

Enjoy! It’s delicious!!!


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