Why does the average American hate the wealthy?

As the last 5 weeks of the campaigns come to the tipping point of the election I feel I must speak my mind at least once. I’m not a political person. I believe in people.  I believe that people are the key to the global future. I believe people carry the potential to solve the worlds problems, provide for those in need, and be the grace that Christ would want of us.  NOT a government, but the people will be the solution.

At this point in the political race, it seems a huge case is being made that the wealthy are to blame for the poor. Any economics professor will show you statistics proving that without the wealthy you have a larger population of poor and that in reality it is the wealthy who provide jobs, training, and support for those less fortuante. But let’s set statistics aside and look at the heart.

For those of you who don’t believe that the wealthy are capable or willing to do this, I challenge you to go to http://givingpledge.org/ and read the pledges of some of the wealthiest Americans.  Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett issued a “Giving Pledge” challenge to the wealthiest Americans asking them to pledge to give away 50% of their wealth in their lifetime. 92 people have pledged so far and their letters are at this website. Read some of them. They reveal the hearts of people wanting to help this world.  Some have even committed to giving away 99% of their wealth before they die. They are not greedy bastards who hord cash, but individuals who have a deep appreciation for the opportunity they have had in America to be financially successful and they want to share their success by giving away their wealth to organizations they feel they can help.

My biggest contribution to the presidential campaign is this, I wish to show you that those with money should be given the opportunity and the incentive to give it away. Not have it taken away like they didn’t deserve to have earned it.

I recently spoke with an economics professor about how she illustrates this concept.   She opened class with everyone’s grade and points earned on separate pieces of paper handed out to each student.  She then explained that is it only fair for those with A’s to help those with C’s and D’s by giving them some of their earned points.  She asked the A’s to hand her back some of their points for her to give to the D’s since it isn’t fair for some to get A’s and others to get D’s.  There was an uprising. The D’s smiled and said, “I’m glad I didn’t spend time doing homework.” The A’s refused to give up their points, “I worked hard for these points.  I gave up time with my kids and my spouse to earn this grade. I’m not giving it away.”

She smiled and just looked at the class. They got it.

For those who gave up the pleasures of the present to work hard for their future, why should they HAVE to give it up? This giving pledge is just one example of the character developed by these hard workers.  They understand sacrifice. That sacrifice developed character and now they open their wallets and are generous beyond belief.  They don’t deserve to have it taken.

Please read their letters and let their generosity soften your hearts toward what PEOPLE can do to change our world.


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