Showing support for a Great Film!! “We Bought a Zoo”

Many people tell me they wish Hollywood would make more family friendly films and TV.  Here is a great one, “We Bought a Zoo.”  For those who haven’t see it, it’s an endearing story about a father who in trying to deal with the grief of loosing his wife, buys a run-down zoo and moves his family out to rebuild it.  It has a little romance, a littel endearing drama, animals galore, some fun laughs, and the cutest little girl I’ve seen on the screen in a while.

Here is the IMDB link check it out.

As of now it’s not in the theater anymore, but you can rent it from Redbox or

This film didn’t do so well in the box office and if we don’t speak up, they may get the impression we don’t want films like this one.  So…. let’s let them know we do.

My move to LA to be a part of the entertainment industry has educated me in many ways, one significant one being the culture here. Too many people complain about what they don’t like about what Hollywood produces and not enough people applaud and appreciate what they do like.  Here is a great opportunity to let them know we like it.

First – you can write, either snail mail or email, to Twentieth Century Fox (one of the producing companies and the main distibuter of this film) and let them know you enjoyed the movie and would love for them to produce more like it. (see below for address)

Second – you can write the writer to let her know you appreciated her writing such a touching story and that you look forward to perhaps seeing another. (see below for address)

These people will be floored to hear the positive feedback. This town doesn’t get much of it.

Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did.  Jill



Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

10201 W. Pico Blvd  Los Angeles, Ca. 90035  or


Writer – Aline Brosh McKenna – you can reach her through her agent –

Creative Artists Agency, care of John Campisi 2000 Avenue of the Stars  Los Angeles, Ca. 90067 or


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