Family Vacation

by Jill Brownlee Wolf

I recently returned from a family vacation to Jackson, Wyoming. We camped at Jackson Lake and spent most of our days fishing on a little raft with our two dogs. It was soooo relaxing!!! Surprise, Surpise, I don’t relax well. I find it very difficult to let go of work, thinking, and planning to exist for a while in a “nothing” box. But my husband is the “master” of existence in a nothing box and assures me it is healthy to be able to exist there from time to time. Thus I gave it a try. Low and behold, I do just fine in my “nothing” box.  I read. I slept. I took in the lake. I played with my dogs. I played games with my husband.  I fished. All without thinking about work.  It was wonderful and much needed!!



However, NOTHING happens that can’t be learned from and thus I share with you a small epiphany about bumor moments.

When we first arrived we were staying at campsite A and within 15 minutes of setting up our tent, the ranger put a sign on the bathrooms and water spigot reading, “No Water. Indefinitely.” WHAT? No water? We hadn’t planned on this and although showering was not mandatory for our camping trip, drinking water was. This is a huge bumor. So, we quickly found another campsite and moved the next morning.

This bumor, however, was a blessing in disguise. What seemed an aweful inconvience was magnificent. Our new campsite had a view of the lake, the Tetons, the sunrise and sunset, and was within walking distance to putting our raft into the lake. Thank God for those little “bumor moments.” They tend to give you more opportunity than you realize.  Especially if you look for the blessings that they bring.

Hope you had some time off this summer and got to relax with those closest to you.  Look for the blessings of “bumor” moments.

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