Update On “Mike and his Garden”

Mike sent me an update on his herb garden and I thought I’d pass it along.

“This morning I planted more cilantro.  I know some people don’t like the grassiness, but I love cilantro in my salsa.  When you plant cilantro, you mustn’t let it get, that is, when it grows high.  In order to have a successful cilantro patch, you have to keep trimming it so it spreads out instead of up.  It is a very fresh smell in the air, and it makes things have a nice, crisp flavor.  However, not everyone is a fan. Bunsen, my helpful little sous chef, does not like it when I put cilantro in the food. I see his tubing scrunch up whever he accidently gets a bite.  I must confess it is fun to see his reaction and sometimes I just have to sneak it into his food. Let us keep that our little secret.

We all have different tastes, and I love the diversity of foods we try.  The little mademoiselle, Audrey, for example is a fan of the basil, because of the strong smell it brings in the air.  Maggie is interested in all the different plants.  I see her and Bessie examining my herb garden regularly.  Sometimes they even find ladybugs, and that makes me happy to know my garden is so cozy for our lovely red critter friends.”


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