Who is this “Normal Student?” I’m not…

As I’ve been writing my business/marketing plan I’ve had to articulate my rationale for this kind of curriculum. I’ve come across a number of reasons why this kind of curriculum is relevant, appropriate and necessary for this NET generation and would love to share some of it with you.

One area of interest to me is that of addressing the learning needs of the masses versus the few. For example, as I’ve unofficially surveyed a number of people about their K-12/college educational experience, 9 out of 10 say “I was not a good student,”  “I didn’t fit in to the system,” or “I don’t learn that way.” I asked why and the reasons began to fall into some specific categories. Below is a graphic I’ve developed to illustrate the ways individuals feel they aren’t/weren’t a “normal student.”  I’m conducting some unofficial research around this and would love your response for my statistics. Please repy to the following two questions. 

1) Where do you find yourself on this graphic? (You could be in more than one place)

2) What was easy and what was difficult for you in school? (K-12 and/or college)


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One Response to Who is this “Normal Student?” I’m not…

  1. lonhall says:

    1) Mostly in Gifted2) Easy: learning on my own, doing my own research. Difficult: sitting in the same seat, keeping my mouth shut and pretending to pay attention during hours of tedium called ‘classes’

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