Learning Moment…

Last spring I was looking for an inexpensive way to show the concept and tone of the narrative part of this project and the voice of the characters.  I started toward a short one-minute animation, for which the storyboards below show some of the story. However, once we got started I realized that for the price, this was not going to be able to show all the aspects and characters as I needed it to. I had to put a stop to it, but not before it cost me a few thousand dollars. In the long run it was the right choice for our limited amount of money, but hurt a little in the moment.

Sometime we have to make costly mistakes causing us to slow down, regroup, and then move forward.  We did. We learned. And because of our regrouping we have “Why Did My Boat Sink?” And it is a perfect way to show what Maggie, Mike, and Bunsen is all about.


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