Update on Bunsen…

I recently received this update from Bunsen.  I thought I’d pass it along for your enjoyment. Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.



Okay.  So, I was not aware of this, but it turns out you have to write the music and lyrics BEFORE you get into a recording studio.  We tried making it up as we went along…but it was pretty bad!

Pennie is running the studio and Paige is helping me write some lyrics.  Mike wants to sing a love song.  Maggie wants the album to be an exploration of sound.  I didn’t know what to do!  So I went to talk to Bessie.

Bessie said that I should have fun.  And if I performed even just one song that was important to me, it would be a success!  So Bessie and I dug down deep and we wrote a song that means a lot to me… 

“Pooba Looba Ya Ya Hey!” 

(Gibberish has great personal significance for me!)

Oh, Pennie has the studio ready!  I have to go find Maggie!  She’s soloing on electric guitar!

Chat soon your friendly burner,


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