“Obstacles in Biz”

“The New Guy”:
Who doesn’t hate being the new guy? You don’t know anyone, they don’t know you, and what’s worse, often they don’t care to know you. This is no different in business. Everyone wants to rub shoulders with the establishment, the “popular” kids. But don’t worry, even though it is difficult, I am going to figure out how to leverage the credibility I do have and find partners with credibility in areas I don’t have, to establish our value.

“Big Money”:
OK, going into business is never easy, but depending on the business, the outgoing capital can be small or large. When it comes to animation, the word “large” covers the concept of our expenses about as well as a washcloth covers an elephant. Not to worry, though, this just means I have to put my thinking cap on and be very creative about our financing options.

“Squash the Little Guy”:
As if its not bad enough being the new guy, now I have worry about big corporations either buying me out to bury me, kind of a “Come into my parlor,” says the spider to the fly type of deal, or buying me out and changing the idea so fundamentally that it no longer resembles anything I had in mind, and worse yet, I receive zero credit. So the final score is : Big Corporation: 10, Jill’s Idea: 0. Don’t get me wrong, big corporations have their place, but when you are starting something new, they are rarely your friend.

“It’s kind of like this and yet kind of not”:
Everyone loves innovation. They know there is money in new ideas. And let’s face it, new ideas are just, well, cool. But explaining this new idea is kind of like describing a animal that no one has ever seen before. It has one eye, a long neck, six legs with spongy feet, and has live young. The best you can do is compare it to any animal it’s similar to. It looks like a giant beetle with a giraffe neck? Somehow even comparisons don’t give the full comprehension of an innovation.  But I will figure out how to describe this innovative project to potential partners, I just have to figure out, what animals they are familiar with so my comparison can be imagined.

“You want me to do WHAT?!”
This idea of mine will involve a paradigm shift in the educator community. Some teachers love new ideas and new ways of teaching… but there are those that have been teaching the same thing, the same way, and refuse to consider a change. We will offer professional development for the educator community, but overcoming mental obstacles will take time.

This vision of mine it is big, immense really. To see it come to fruition, to move from my head to the land of reality will take time, and perseverance, and good old fashioned hutzpah ( Hutzpah- Yiddish for shameless audacity). But, I have no intention of quitting, because I have come too far already, but mostly, because this idea is an itch that I have every intention of scratching. If you think that I am going to trip inches from the finish line tape, you don’t know me very well. So, knowing, that God is behind me every step of the way, I press forward, despite these obstacles.  And with friends, like you, urging me forward, we will all succeed.

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