“Fun On Our First Shoot”

by Jill Brownlee-Wolf


Saturday, May 5th, was our first official shoot for this project.  We had four 4-year-olds doing a playdough challenge with Miss Jill, our zany science mentor and investigation guide.  We shot in a park in Rancho Santa Margarita and by God’s grace we had great weather.  Here is our set. 




Full of energy, as all 4 year olds are, each child formed their playdough into shapes in attempt to create a shape that would float.  Miss Jill was all smiles as they formed acorns, carrots, pancakes, bagels, and more. Perhaps they were hungry because over half of the shapes were food. 




We dropped each shape into a large tank of water and observed them float or sink.  They truly got into it as evidenced by Talani’s cry, “I wanted mine to float,” as he disappointedly flung his arms up in defeat. 



We had four wonderful parents accompany their children on this adventure. Each was supportive, encouraging and helpful. Thanks to each of you for your time and investment into this project.  



We had a great crew.  Since 4-year-olds are squirrely and unreliable, it required patience, perseverance, and a sense of humor. Each person on our team demonstrated these qualities at gold medal levels.  Thanks to each of you for your great attitudes. 




The day was filled with laughter, pizza, lots of playdough, lots of pictures, and a huge tank of water that was no small feat to empty and refill.  


Very soon we will have this clip up for the field testing of our product and we will post the link here for your viewing and feedback. 



Thanks again to everyone who participated that day.  You were a integral part to a huge project!!!! 










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