My Company Bio

I’ve been working on my company website and struggling through the text, photos, and layouts.   It’s not impossible, but this will definitely be an item on a job description of someone I hire soon.  

Anyway, I think I have my bio finished and wanted to post here for comments.  What do you think? 

Prior to starting Trailhead, Jill Brownlee Wolf spent 16 years in science and literacy education working with AP students, struggling readers, teachers, and school administrators tackling the major science and literacy education issues.  In addition to the formal educational setting, Jill spent years working with youth groups, children’s performance groups, and adult drama teams listening to their hearts desires,   encouraging their talents, and working to help each develop both their unique voice and a vision for their life. 

Jill found learners, children to adults, will tackle the most difficult task, IF they feel it is relevant, IF they feel better or smarter during and after they complete it, and IF they are supported during the challenge.  She has also found that emotional connection to the material creates the best learning. Therefore she has committed to the task of developing educational experiences with emotional narratives set in a relevant context and with ample support. This is the ONLY way to true, whole-person learning.  


Empowering a child to action outside of an “assignment,” must carry relevance, engagement, and reward, especially with so many options for their time.  Jill believes the best way to engage this generation is to foster the investigative nature of children when they are most naturally curious about how their world works, give children culturally relevant socially responsible contexts in which to learn, and connect their learning to the development of each child’s unique voice. 


Jill feels passionately that entertainment products have mastered something education is still struggling to find and has therefore chosen to leave a successful career in the school system to pursue the creation of products like these.  


Innovation isn’t without its struggle, but creating a world where our children learn to be pursuers of knowledge, inventors of ideas, and designers of solutions is an innovation Jill is committed to. For life.”

Soon, the website will be up for your visits and thoughts – I’ll keep you posted. 


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