A Three Year Old’s Heart

Nothing is cuter than a 3 year old.  

Yesterday, I was sharing with my sister that I wanted a rhyming dictionary for Christmas, to which she inquired where does one find a rhyming dictionary?  

Conor, my 3 year old nephew proudly claimed, “I’ll find it in my magazine.” He picked up his toy magazine and promptly sat down at the table to begin his search. He flipped through the pages, carefully looking for what he perceived to be a rhyming dictionary.  He pointed to a train and asked if this was it? I, of course, stated the obvious, “That’s a train.” He replied with an explanation that seemed to make sense to him, “I’m sure there are words inside the train and I’m sure they rhyme.”  Well, who can argue with that logic.  I told him I would look on-line, but he insisted that he would continue to look in his magazine.  

He followed me to my room and sat on the top step flipping carefully through every page.  “I know it’s in here somewhere,” he called as I worked at the computer.  I couldn’t help but smile and giggle at his sweet heart.  

Children are precious. And no matter the crazy energy they exert at the wrong time or the filthy trail of dirt they track through your house, the moment they declare they will find your Christmas present in their toy magazine and spend their precious time scouring the pages for it makes everything worth it. 

I love you Conor. 




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One Response to A Three Year Old’s Heart

  1. Jennifer Schnabel says:

    This is so cute. Yes, children have much bigger hearts and are more willing to share their time than most adults.

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