Using the Myers Briggs 1 – Understanding Jill

The Myers Briggs has been a helpful personality assessment for understanding myself, developing a team, and creating characters for a new show. 

As I’ve been studying this assessment and its results I came across some references to Biblical characters and the associated Myers Briggs scores.  It claims King David of the old testament was an ENFJ, the same score as myself. This amused me because King David is my favorite Biblical characters.  I want to know his mind, his motives, his contrition, his heart. 

David was constantly running for his life; both away from danger and toward his destiny. I can relate as I have never been a person of roots, but wings.  I feel my life is a race. A race away from the clutches of past events that victimize many. A race against the clock to leave a legacy of influence on this culture.  A race to study, know, and experience everything this world has to offer. To study the greatness of the physical world and how it works. To stand on the ground where blood was shed thousands of years prior and strain to hear the cries of their hearts. To climb the pinnacles of the Tetons to see the vast beauty painted before me.  To hold children left behind and love them no matter the need.  

David was chosen to be a king, but the journey was most of his life. He didn’t seem to get to enjoy too much of the palace spoils.  I don’t need an estate to call my home.  I carry home with me in my heart.  I have wondered for years what my kingship was to be and as it is being revealed, I’m learning to enjoy the journey toward it. I want to be of the character that demands years of fighting for my influence, living in the simple (someone’s couch), and appreciating God in every breath. This kind of character is never developed through palace spoils. 

David was enamored with the passionate heart of God, the concept of being known intimately, and a strong combination of skill in the practical and the artistic.  Interestingly, the ENFJ has a deep desire to be known intimately.  I thought I was crazy for feeling this way, but some of the Psalms have shown me others must also have this desire.  To know the depths of my heart and loved for all the idiosyncrasies that are me.  That is to be truly known.  David understood this and it seems that he felt only God could be that.  

David showed enthusiasm of spirit when he brought back his prize for Michal the King’s daughter.  The price for her hand in marriage was 100 Philistine (the enemy) foreskins, a feat the King figured would certainly get him killed. Instead he came back with 200.  His sense of “Here I am in all my strength and energy, so deal with it” resonates deeply with me. I am intense. But count on this, I will show up with twice what you expect, because that is who I am.  

David had the heart of a warrior, believed the best in people, expressed his deep feelings artistically, and repented when convicted.  This couldn’t describe me any more accurately. 


The Myers Briggs is an assessment some feel put them in a box; but that couldn’t me more untrue.  It gives you a frame of reference for who you are.  It validates your “craziness” that sometimes makes you feel weird and alone.  It shows you patterns of how those like you think, feel, process, address the world.  When you see those who have gone before you with similar traits you can feel empowered that you are unique, but not alone. 

I challenge you to take this assessment (attached), read about it on-line ( , and see if you don’t find it helpful to better understand yourself and eventually others. 

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