GREEN vs. ?

I’ve been studying networks, what they promote, and how they leverage their talent and shows toward a bigger message.  One of the kids networks, who shall be nameless, has an amazing GREEN campaign going where the actors from their shows are shown doing green projects in the local area, i.e. planting trees, cleaning beaches etc.  They have invited the audience to join them in supporting these campaigns both financially and with action in their local areas.  

While I admire this campaign, the overt message this network is communicating, and the fact that they are trying at all to have an overall impact on today’s culture, I’ve noticed a few ways I want Stranded to be different. 


1. The actors are involved in green projects, but not the characters they play.  While one is strong, both would powerful.  Admittedly, you can’t force GREEN projects into a story where it doesn’t fit, but you can weave it in, if it’s a priority. I want the characters in Stranded’s shows to be involved in the same important work as our company’s campaigns.  Subtly with this is necessary, but only adds to the depth of the characters to care for more than just the drama at hand. 


2. While it is trendy to be GREEN right now and it helps our environment which is a huge responsibility for all of humanity, I feel a deeper conviction to help people, specifically children.  In good conscious I can’t spend my time and money saving trees, when children in other countries are left by the side of the road because they have autism or missing an appendage or happen to be a girl when the parents wanted a boy.  Foster kids in American are living by the thousands in groups homes and institutions with no hope for a future. I realize the rain forests are a huge contributor to the overall health of our physical world, but is a tree more important than a human life? In no way am I condemning the organizations that promote a better care of the environment; I’m glad they exist. I’m saying that my conviction and thus one of the missions of Stranded will be outreach efforts and support to organizations that care for the human life. 


I’m looking to start a movement across the nation, world for that matter, to make people as large a priority as GREEN.  I need a color to head that movement.  At present many colors already have a conviction attached.  What color would you suggest? 

RED? Red is the color of blood that pumps through the hearts of people. Children. Babies.  Those hearts have a purpose, a personality, and a presence that needs to exist for this world.  

WHITE? White is the innocence of life that is being taken for granted. White/ light yellow is the color a life shows up on a heat picture.  Blue is cold and dead where white / light yellow is the warmth of the body. 

Do you have another color or combination that could work or is already associated with this idea?

Write me and tell me what you think.  


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