Leonard Sax – great author on Gender

I have recently discovered an author that has done some incredible study into the importance of gender.  For so many years our culture has tried to convince us gender is unimportant thus pink and blue could be green with no consequences.  Leonard Sax, author of “Why Gender Matters,” “Boys Adrift,” and “Girls on Edge,” has some powerful evidence from worldwide scientific studies on the development of a young men and young ladies. I suggest every parent read his books appropriate to the gender of your children. I fully intend to assimilate his ideas into my kids shows. 

One powerful example is the major difference between boys and girls in early pre-school to K-2 development.  3-6 year old boys are bursting at the seems with great physical exploratory energy.  Classrooms that expect them to sit for most of the day are fighting the very nature of male.  If this were just a matter of discipline, we could insist they sit still and be done with it. But unfortunately having to sit all day and getting into trouble when their bodies behave otherwise develops a subconscious dislike for school and academics.  The two are correlated deeply in their unconscious mind and many boys hate school by 8 and furthermore, can’t really  tell you why.  As a nation, we can’t afford having our boys hate school by 8. We need their minds engaging, postulating, and creating.

This issue leads to many others like 1) boys who can remain still and calm thus good in school are soon labeled nerds and characterized as less “male” for doing so. 2) Video games which give opportunity for body movement, exploration, and reward for release of energy becomes an enticing replacement to reading and conversation about ideas. This is not going to help our children or our nation.

They are many other eye-opening moments in his books.  Check them out at boysadrift.com

Leonard has also given his email address out in his books leonardsax@prodigy.net.  (I’ll keep you posted if this is still a way to reach him.) 

Enjoy the reading. 


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