Grateful to my Parents

Parents. First of all not an easy job.  So, for anyone who has remotely decent parents, appreciate them; you could’ve had abusive ones or none at all.  But for those of you who have parents who tried – look carefully at the great character they did instill in you, because you would not be near where you are today without them. 

I’ve had a good life.  My parents not only made sure I had a roof over my head, but the better part of growing up I had my own room.  Compared to 90% of the world, that’s lavish.  I never went hungry, never without sleep, and never without love.  

Living in today’s culture, I’m encouraged to analyze every mistake they made so I can overcome and be a better person, a process which highlights their inadequacies instead of their strengths. Instead I choose to honor them for the beauty they painted into my life. 

My mother is a woman of belief.  Throughout my childhood she truly believed I was great and I could do anything I set my mind to.  Those weren’t just words of a mother, but of a person who in the depths of her heart believed I was an incredible woman with character, talent, and voice just bubbling inside and ready to change the world.  She is my biggest fan, a quasi-cheerleader without the pompoms and ridiculously short skirt.  No matter my mistakes she believes I will be great because she believes I am great. 

This belief has not only set me on a crash course with making my vision a reality, but her belief in me has instilled the power and need to believe in others.  In every droopy flower I see the potential of a full bloom with careful love and belief. It’s not an accident that the projects I create and the company I build be based on believing in people and their potential to be beautiful.  Thanks Mom!

My dad is grateful and out of his gratefulness comes a generous heart.  Whether a clear blue sky, a rainy afternoon, or an overcast morning – each is wonderful and perfect for today. He sees life with a silver-lining and has taught me to be grateful always.  Life could always be worse and I should appreciate every breath.  This attitude has helped me weather many an emotional, financial, or physical storm.  

It seems generosity is a natural outpouring of gratitude.  For today my prosperity in finance, health, emotional well-being, location, and more is an opportunity to generously share with others.  For years I watched my fathers heart soften when someone less fortunate crossed his path. From giving money to the homeless vet on the street corner to giving his time as a man to a fatherless neighborhood boy. He is generous with his tears in moments of emotion, generous with his wallet in moments of need, and generous with his time in moments of crisis.  Most importantly he is generous with his love.  I find it no coincidence that I see life through silver-lined glasses and desire to give my heart, time, and money to those who need it.  And one of the core values that will prevail in my work is “prosperity is an opportunity for generosity.” Thanks Dad!

In a world where 9 out of 10 people forget to say thank you, be the one that does.  Gratefulness will change you.



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1 Response to Grateful to my Parents

  1. Don & Rose Ann Rueter says:

    Hey, Jill–I know that this is a very old entry, but I just discovered it today and wanted to comment on this post. It is a beautiful testimony and sign of your love and respect for your parents! They are, indeed, proud of you, and likewise, you have blessed them with this public tribute. How sweet!I have also been reading your new blog from 2012. It is very informative–not only applicable to business and it’s "start-up" but also in evaluating life, goals, and dreams in our own lives. I am enjoying it and wish you God’s abundant blessings as you continue to seek His will not only for the vision and scope of your "Dream," but also during your day to day activities as you discern His will regarding individual tasks and decisions. Best wishes and…Happy Blogging"!BTW–my Posterous thumbnail pic includes Don because I inadvertently signed on to your blog with my existing log-in. The accompanying e-mail address attached with our current posterous ( is used only for our International School Project blog and correspondence.Please use if you’d like to reply–or reply here on your blog. I plan to return! 🙂

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