Gratefulness #1

Gratefulness is a character trait I want to possess.  I didn’t get here by myself and it would be such inflated pride to think I did so. Therefore I will be thankful daily and record it here weekly. Appreciating those who helped you get where you are is as important as where you are.  I want to live by that! 


Thank you Jamie for believing in me always.  And for the time you help me understand dynamics, people, and vision I can’t thank you enough.  Thank you also for your patience with my tears as well, I know they drive you nuts. I love you.

Thank you Jenn for believing I could do anything I wanted to do.  No matter the situation you have always been there for me. You are my example of contentment, spiritual maturity, perspective, sense of humor, and true friendship. I love you!

Thank you Jodi for letting me live with you. Having a place to live while you pursue a dream is helpful.  And contrary to my sometimes unappreciative moments I do value your opinion and our conversations about my pieces. I love you!

Thank you Julie for believing I can achieve my dream and finding your ways to support me i.e. the beautiful necklace and your frequent offers to come over relax, eat, drink, and chat. I love you!  

Thank you God for a wonderfully supportive family. 



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