The sisters and grandkids singing a retirement song for Grandpa. 

9 to 5 – Daddy Version


Layin’ in bed, Smell coffee in the kitchen

Contemplatin’ my retired condition

I’m yawnin’, stretchin’, lean over kiss my wife.

How I spend my time, Doesn’t seem to matter

Cause the day’s all mine, there’s no boss to flatter

Cause folks like me are retired for the rest of life.


CHORUS #1 & 2:

            No more 9 to 5

What a way to go on livin’

Hangin’ out with my

Grandsons and my women

I can sit and watch

My favorite Lakers game

Or just write my book

And hope it isn’t lame


9 to 5

are my hours by the ocean

Sleeping in the sun

Listening to the waves in motion

With my hiking stick

I go walking with my grandsons

Catchin’ bugs and frogs

And havin’ crazy fun.



            Gone are quotes, Days of boring trainings

Blackberry phones and cat pee stains

            On shirts I wear to meetings with the boss

            Folding tables, Notebooks, cabinets

Hours of waiting Dr. Kabetz

No longer do I care bout sales lost



            Up to 95

What a way to go out livin’

With my peace of mind

And my crazy heart condition

Traveling round the world

On my numerous vacations

Spending time with family

Is the ultimate sensation

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