Creating Characters

I’m in the middle of developing a kids TV show and the process is very interesting.  At present I’m creating characters.  It starts with giving them personality, life, existence.  They start barely there, a name, an image, but each day they grow more clear, more special, more alive. I want to know them better for as I give them moments I laugh as they laugh, I cry as they cry.  It’s exciting to know they will eventually bring joy, healing, comfort, and excitement to others. 

Although each is unique with very different attitudes, functions, desires, and voice they all reflect a bit of me,  part of my heart seems to leak into every character.  It’s interesting to note the more I define their skill sets, their hobbies, and their talents the more I love them. The more time I spend with them giving them idiosyncrasis, weaknesses, and uniqueness the more they are mine. 

What a wonderful experience this is.

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